The Joy of Giving

This is a time of year when gift giving is a central part of the joy of the season. Knitters, in particular, really give of themselves when they make things for others. We hope that the scarf for our favorite grandchildren will keep them warm. More important is that they may think of us when they wear it. Our time and love is knitted into every single stitch. This holiday time I am working on 2 baby sweaters for babies close and special to me. They are not done but here are pieces for Ethan and Eliza.IMG_1269.JPG

Here at Signature we have had a lot of fun thinking of a contest to be able to send someone a $250 gift certificate by asking for pictures of something they have knit for someone else. The entries have been flying in, and it goes without saying, that we have enjoyed looking at every single one. Some are very complicated, some are more simple, but every one is special. The pictures with children brought big smiles. The pet pictures were fantastic too. You can find them link or description of where these are here is just one: picture of dog or cat. We have lots of new holiday sets for you or other knitters on your list. The wonderful Peggy that some of you have “met” on the phone made a gift for her mother-in-law who was fretting about her garden goose being cold. Here is the story: I bought my 85-year-old mother-in-law Phyllis, this little angel garden statue for her birthday last year. She loves to have her morning coffee sitting at her kitchen table looking out at her little cherub. Last year during our brutal Wisconsin winter, she more than once, commented that ‘she must be awfully cold out there.”This fall I decided to knit a little hat and scarf for the little angel and surprise Phyllis. She tells me nearly every day that this makes her smile every morning.

She has spearheaded some new sets so I have asked her to tell you more: We’re happy and excited to introduce our four new gift sets. We developed these new gift sets with all types of knitters in mind. New this year are our Beginner Gift Set, DPN Gift Set, Signature Gift Set and Premier Gift Set. Whether you’re a beginner or a master knitter; there’s a gift set that’s just perfect for everyone. Please visit our website and check out our exciting new gift sets. Finally, all the folks here at Signature have a gift for you: a beautiful scarf pattern FREE whether you are ordering or not. It is the creation of our Canadian cousin and extremely talented designer/teacher/blogger Kate Atherley.

This is good time to remind yourself to get your Wish List up to date. All knitters have people in their family, or work family, or friends who may want to get us just exactly what we want and this helps so much. We all are working to get all the orders out as quickly as possible because we know this is important to you or to anyone to whom you are sending a gift. We pack and make special trips to the US Post Office. Then the packages are out of our hands. We get numerous calls from unhappy customers saying their package is not delivered yet, even though we did all we could to get the packages out. The US Post Office is just slower at this time of year so please order as early as possible. If a gift goes down to the wire a Gift Certificate is nearly instantaneous. You may have heard me tell this story before but it is a Christmas classic around here: An order came in for 2 double pointed needles in 3 sizes. Not 4, not 5, but 2. The giver was a male from a college town and the recipient was his mom. He had heard she wanted DPNs but in his mind thought of 2 needles as being what was needed. His mom came back and ordered the other DPNs and we all congratulated her on having such a sweet son. So a list can be good for both the giver and the getter! Happy Holidays to all of you in the extended Signature family–no matter what you are celebrating or what you are knitting you are all special to us.