Land of Lincoln and Landing Day

Land of Lincoln and Landing Day We’re off to the Land of Lincoln. Everyone here is busy packing and planning for our time at Stitches Midwest which is in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg Illinois. The show starts this Thursday August 7 and runs through Sunday August 10. We will have many specials for the lucky folks there and a free shipping offer for online orders for those of you who can’t get there.

This month has a special family holiday. We call it “Landing Day” and it is the anniversary of the August 3, 1923 landing in America of my father-in-law and his family from tumultuous, inflation ridden Germany. The family consisted of Werner aged 15, his architect father Hugo, the 13 year old brother Helmuth and their 8 month pregnant mother, Elizabeth. Not only was Elizabeth pregnant but also was not the youngest mother-to be. She had 3 days notice to get packed to leave her homeland and go to a strange place where she only knew her sister (who was already here) and had no knowledge of English. They were only able to carry some large suitcases which had to carry clothing, important papers and 1 item she brought with her: a nut grinder.

Family history is very clear that while dear Elizabeth was a brave traveler, it was well known that she was NOT good cook. Since she was an experienced homemaker by the time they came, it would seem she was not good at cooking at the time of the crossing so bringing a limited use item like a nut grinder is odd. I have thought a lot about this and believe that she brought the nut grinder because it represented all the family holidays when such a tool was needed for special foods. To her it was a link to the past that she could bring to the new land. The next time you are with family ask what they would bring–you may be surprised at the answers. I am working on some special baby projects. Our Godson has revealed there will be a beautiful baby girl coming in December and I have a plan for her! I will share as I get it done. One final link between Landings in our family and Lincoln: our rescue poodle/Bichon Cooper came to us on Lincoln’s birthday February 12, 2012.

If you are at Stitches please come see us at Booth 623 in Schaumburg, Land of Lincoln