Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

img_2146Nearly everyone does a mental inventory of what they are thankful for and I wanted to share some of what that means for me.

Family – of course. The rush of the years may mean that some of us have lost someone we love, but we are still thankful for having them in our lives. Grandkids who are blossoming and speeding to the future. Grown kids who bring us joy in the way they are leading their lives. And for me, a husband with whom I will share a really big anniversary but who tells me he is just as smitten today as he was those many years ago.

Work family – we may actually spend more waking hours with them than our relatives. I see how the people at Signature and Bothe Associates work together without ego and have some fun together too. I think those of you who have met the Signature folks at shows or on the phone know this is true.

Friends – I think you don’t need a long list of those who you can call a friend to be thankful. The best way to figure out who a true friend would be is to ask “who could I call in the middle of the night, in a blizzard to help get me out of a snow bank?” Or someone who is genuinely happy for you when things go well and will be with you when things don’t. That is a real friend.img_1368

Health – I have had a hard start this year but have had a near miraculous turn to the better. I know that many of you are in great health but I hope you will take a moment to think about how great that is. Being able to enjoy life in ways important to you like gardening is for me.


Kindness in the world – We have the world’s best customers here at Signature but I want to share a story: The new website is beautiful and much easier to use but on the back side there have been problems. One of our customers had serious issues trying to order. Before we could contact her, she called us and got the order in. I contacted her to apologize and shared some of the frustrations we were experiencing. Then, at the end of a very hard day, a delivery came.


When I have told this to others, not a single one did not respond with incredulity. I know they will remember this and I hope it results in more kind deeds.

And yes, that is a REALLY big turkey-about 42#. Some years ago, we found a local farmer who took joy in getting the biggest turkey ever – our biggest one was 51#. It was organically grown and lived in a big pen under oak trees with a very nice coop. This year, he had such sadness in his voice when he told me the 39# bird he had for us died the day before he was going to take it for processing so he only had a 29# bird for us. I am thankful for a son who is smoking a 10# organic breast so we will have enough for all the friends and family.

I hope you will enjoy your Thanksgiving and know we are thankful for you!