Going and Coming

It is the time of year for us to go to the wonderful Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival which is held in Maryland May 5-6 this year. Getting all our products and the booth furniture makes for a packing job of monumental proportions.


This year Laura, Vicki and a new helper will be meeting all of you who are able to get to the MDSW. The new helper is Katie (the most fantastic granddaughter ever) whom some of you met at the Retreat last year. She is an astonishing knitter and is so helpful so please say hello if you see her.



We are having an interesting trial at MDSW:  we will have a prototype of a US size 1 x 9 inch overall circular for knitters to try.

We are giving away two of these prototypes! You can enter to win at our booth at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend or enter to win by clicking this link:




Knitting is happening at a furious pace. Here are some of the pieces of a baby sweater for a future Green Bay Packer fan:


Usually we hear about a Red Carpet for the arrival of a celebrity but here is the Blue Carpet that nature provided at a site on Kenosha’s lakefront. The blue Scilla is such a harbinger of spring and this year is especially exciting as very soon Katie will not be the “baby” of the family. Our son Paul and his lovely wife are expecting a baby boy in May so the Blue Carpet is rolled out here as we wait.