We HAVE Come a Long Way!

This week Signature Needle Arts will be celebrating our SEVENTH birthday and we want to thank all of our loyal customers for helping us get here! I thought you might be interested to see how far we have actually come. We now have customers in over 60 countries. Those close to me know I will help with all projects that don’t include anything “artsy” as I have NO skills in that area. But, I can color like any 7 year old and this is the map that show how many places where there are Signature Needles.

I often contact customers and during these seven years I have “met” so many interesting people from around the world. Here are a few: a woman who lived in Malta as the thousands of refugees fled Libya a few years ago; a Russian woman whose husband and she works in Ghana in hot, hot Africa; an engineer in the Philippines who knits for her Canadian grandchildren; a paleontologist working in Nepal; a designer in Russia; a wonderful Convent full of Sisters in Boston and so many others. How lucky is that? And talk about lucky: I can knit to my heart’s delight and reconcile it to “working”.

Currently it seems that many young friends are having babies so I have lots of great toddler sweaters to do. Here are two of the latest for twins of a young man who works at our local paper:


There are so many people here who work tirelessly on Signature from the office to the shop floor and no needles would ever be made or sent without them. I want to wish them a most thankful “Happy Birthday”. This week will have many special surprises for you including a special Birthday Circular bag by the talented Erin Lane company and everyone here hopes you will enjoy them no matter where you live.